Why Use Crystal Pillows?

8 Reasons To Be Using Starlight Affinity Crystal Pillows

Want a natural way to help relax, or clear stress or negative “vibes”? Have you worked with crystals, or ever wanted to try? There are so many great reasons to use Crystal Pillows! I make them with Selenite and Pink Halite, which are known for their clearing and healing qualities.

Crystal Pillows are a unique and effective way for anyone to use the beneficial powers of these natural healing tools. Here’s why:

  1. They’re filled with small pieces of crystals, IMG_1040and specifically made to be soft, flexible, and easy to use – so much better than using a solid piece of stone!
  2. They contain my own blend of crystals exclusively chosen for their healing, clearing, grounding, amplifying, and relaxing properties.
  3. They help to gently clear your environment, and make the perfect resting and energetic clearing spot-in-one for other crystals or jewelry. IMG_1200
  4. By simply adding them to your pillowcase, they promote relaxation and clearing at the end of your day.
  5. You can comfortably place them next to the skin to provide a comforting and soothing effect (and are perfect for ladies who wear crystals inside their lingerie – no more losing your favorite crystals).
  6. You can use them to help to relieve tension and physical symptoms, such as with headaches and IMG_1114joint pain.
  7. Healers use them in conjunction with energy healing, crystal therapy, yoga, or any other healing modality. Great for using during your meditation or your yoga savasana!
  8. My Pink Halite Pillows also contain organic lavender flowers, so you benefit from aromatherapy and crystal therapy at the same time. All Pillows are lined with cotton muslin for durability, and have coordinating top-stitching to keep the crystals in place and add a IMG_1176finishing touch.

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